Cultural Diversity

Our April 2016 speaker was Ogechukwu Eneh, an educator and cultural producer at Caisa. Originally from a small village in Nigeria, Eneh earned a master’s degree in Helsinki in the early 1990s. Back then there was very little by way of diversity training in Finland so she began leading multicultural workshops for Finnish corporations and government bodies. Twenty years ago she helped create the Caisa International Center, which now organize some 700 events per year. Eneh’s own work now focuses mainly on events for children, such as interactive storytelling and identity building. She compared her programs to vaccinations: “If you give a child a shot of diversity, it lasts a lifetime.” Eneh is also interested in promoting equality and encouraging migrant women to enter the workforce. It was a real privilege to hear the experiences of such a vibrant, compassionate and intelligent woman.

Oge Eneh