November Meeting: A Finnish View on Russia

In November, we enjoyed a fascinating talk by Maimo Henriksson, Director General for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Maimo shared both her personal journey, including the demands of juggling family life with a career in the foreign service, and highlights from her professional career, including postings in Moscow and Budapest during the early post-Soviet period, her years as Finland’s Ambassador to Norway; and her stints in Helsinki as director of the units on Russia, Northern Europe, and the Northern Dimension. These experiences all inform Maimo’s deep understanding of Finland’s relationship with its
Eastern neighbors and Finland’s critical place in the Baltic Sea and Arctic regions. So it was with keen interest that we listened to her candid thoughts on some of the security issues currently facing Finland. Maimo provided insight into how Finland handles its complicated relationship with Russia and spoke about the challenges and opportunities that could result from NATO membership.  The AWC is thankful to Maimo for this timely and thought-provoking discussion.maimo