Club charities

The two primary recipients of AWC charitable donations are Rajaseutuliitto and De Utvecklingsstördas Väl i Mellersta Nyland (DUV).

The AWC constitution guides us that if we do charity work it should be to help charities in Finland, since in that way we can give something back to the country in which we live and from which we benefit so much. Each of these two small charities, one Finnish speaking and the other Swedish speaking, meet that criterion. Both do important work, one in helping young people with their educational needs, and one in helping mentally and physically handicapped children and adults to have the opportunity to experience a leisure activity, something they would not otherwise be able to enjoy because of their severe challenges.

Rajaseutuliitto and DUV both function on modest budgets and neither receive government subsidies, and therefore, for both of these charities, the AWC’s modest contributions make a difference.

Rajaseutuliitto, r.y.

The Union for Support of Frontier Regions in Finland, Rajaseutuliitto, was established in 1923, shortly after Finland became independent, to help people living in Finland’s rural frontier regions with their financial, social, and educational needs. Even in modern-day Finland there is a need to continue this support because of the remoteness of the border areas. One program the AWC has supported for several years is their scholarship program. The Union grants some 160 scholarships a year, averaging 200 euros each, to young students in these areas of the country. The grants go to students who are academically and financially deserving.

De Utvecklingsstördas Väl i Mellersta Nyland r.f. (DUV)

The Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability, DUV i Mellersta Nyland, is a nonprofit organization working in the greater Helsinki area since 1971. It’s overriding mission is to improve the quality of life for the intellectually disabled, and its members are from Espoo, Kauniainen, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Vantaa and Vihti. One of DUV’s main goals is to offer meaningful and stimulating leisure time activities for intellectually and physically disadvantaged children, youth and adults. AWC’s contribution is dedicated in support of the regular club activities that meet weekly and include swimming, bowling, carpentry, painting, film, band, song, and easy reading.